It is no coincidence that degree programmes at UniBs include internships. We are aware that practical experience plays a crucial role in the learning process: 'learning by doing', English people say, whilst “getting your hands dirty” is the commonly used expression in our territory both  in local companies and in research laboratories. The core of the game is not only doing what you are expected to, but also – and, perhaps, especially – establishing relationships, understanding needs, and getting out of your comfort zone. UniBs Internship staff are here to help students, graduates, and companies add value to each other and ‘sail’ a part of their journey together.  
An internship is a unique opportunity to put into practice the knowledge that you have acquired during your studies by spending time in companies, institutions, organizations, and professional firms.


l''Ufficio Tirocini e Placement organizza incontri online con gli iscritti ai corsi di laurea triennali e magistrali per fornire le informazioni generali sulle modalità di attivazione e di chiusura dei tirocini con il portale  Almalaurea.

Durante l’incontro potrete rivolgere quesiti e chiedere chiarimenti sulla procedura amministrativa.

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Last updated on: 17/07/2024