Extracurricular internships (post-graduate)

An internship is often the prelude to future employment with the company/entity/firm where the internship is performed for a graduate. Therefore, more than internships for undergraduates, the choice of who to perform the internship with must be given adequate consideration, always taking into account that there must be an active agreement between the university and a company/entity/firm for the activity to be recognised.

The extracurricular (post-graduate) internship must last for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months and must be activated within 12 months of award of the qualification to the graduate.

The following must be done to activate an extracurricular (post-graduate) internship:

- find a Regional Framework of Professional Standards (QRSP) profile with a European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level of 6 or higher that is pertinent to the trainee’s work. QRSP profiles can be viewed in the enclosure at the end. See the following website for more information on QRSP profiles: http://www.ifl.servizirl.it/site;

- upload copies of the COB (compulsory communication made by the host entity) and the DID (immediate availability declaration) issued by the employment Centre to the Almalaurea portal with the educational project;

Contact the University Internships Office at [email protected] to activate an extracurricular internship to be performed in a host site outside Lombardy Region :

QRSP professional profiles framework


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