Renewing enrolment

If your academic career is active and you are up -to -date with the tuition fees payments of previous academic years, you can renew your enrolment.


You may renew your enrolment from the 15 July to 16 October 2024.

Go to your personal page under Menu> Secretariat> Enrolments> Renew your enrolment.

At the end of the online procedure, go to Secretariat> Payments and you will  find the first fee instalment of € 156.00, to be paid using the PagoPA payment method.

During the online procedure to renew your enrolment, you can authorize the University to acquire your ISEE declaration directly from the INPS institute (provided that the certification is requested and issued by 30 November), so that you can benefit from tuition fee reductions (second and third instalments)

After the annual deadline for the renewal of enrolments, late requests may be accepted subject to an assessment of the reasons by the Rector or his delegated official, as decided annually by the Academic Senate.

The request must be sent from the institutional email with domain to: [email protected] using the form published at the end of this paragraph.


If you graduate in one of the extraordinary sessions of the previous academic year (February, March, April), if you are enrolled in an undergraduate, postgraduate, or single cycle degree programme, you will neither need to renew your enrolment, nor pay the first tuition fee instalment.
If you have paid the first instalment and you graduate in one of the extraordinary sessions of the previous academic year, you will be automatically reimbursed.
If you failed to graduate in one of the extraordinary degree sessions and you wish to enrol for the current academic year, you will have to renew your enrolment and pay all of the tuition fee instalments.

To resume studies after a period of suspension, you must fill in the "Application form for resuming studies following a period of suspension", which you can download from the Student Secretariat forms section. You must submit the completed form to the Student Secretariat or to the Career Management Offices of your degree course before enrolling for the upcoming academic year.
You must also pay a reinstatement fee for each academic year of suspension (80 euros per academic year) and the first tuition fee instalment for the upcoming academic year. 

Once enrolled, you will be able to take the exams starting from the first session of the academic year.

If you are not up-to-date with payments of your tuition fee instalments, you will not be able to renew your enrolment online until:

  • you have paid off the due amount for the previous academic year;
  • the Student Secretariat has received your payments and processed your enrolment for the current academic year;
  • you have accessed your personal account page and followed the procedure indicated in the Secretariat > Enrolment section.

If you intend to transfer to another university, temporarily suspend your studies, or suspend your studies to resume them abroad out of mobility programmes, you don’t have to renew your enrolment, instead you must contact the Student Secretariat or the Career management offices of your degree course. If you submit a transfer or suspension application after the enrolment  deadline, your request may be granted upon submission of a formal request.              
If you intend to temporarily suspend your studies, you will neither need to renew your registration nor justify your decision. 
If you intend to graduate within the current academic year's extraordinary session, please read the previous paragraph "Register under condition: graduation".

Last updated on: 26/04/2024