Cross-cutting courses and Open Badges

The importance of Soft Skills

Today, Soft Skills are as crucial for professional development as they are for personal growth. As they do not refer directly to a specific profession or a specific organisational environment, they are applicable to different tasks, roles, duties and contexts.

Numerous studies show that, given the same curriculum, companies choose candidates who prove to possess transversal skills. This is why it is important for students to enrich, shape, adapt and continuously improve their CVs.



Transversal training activities are intended to provide an initial stock of knowledge, skills and qualities that come into play when translating a competence into behaviour, responding to a need in the organisational environment, as well as to implement and improve the development of so-called soft skills for greater integration into the world of work.


Open Badges are digital certificates of knowledge, personal skills (soft skills) and competences acquired. They are guaranteed by the issuing body and recognised internationally.

They are a personal certification tool, secure, easily spendable on social networks and verifiable in real time.

Therefore, the badge can be consulted and recognised by organisations or companies and can receive the endorsement of all the realities that recognise its value, facilitating the connection between companies, trainers and students.


Last updated on: 31/05/2024