NRRP - National Recovery and Resilience Plan

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The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) is the Italian response to the global emergency Covid-19 and the obstacles that have hindered the development of the economic, social and environmental system of our country during the last decades.

The NRRP is part of the European recovery programme Next Generation EU, a plan of unprecedented scope and ambition, with a 750-billion-euro package destined to boost economic growth, investments and reforms. More than a half of that amount is in the form of grants.

A total of  235,12 billion euros are available to Italy through NRRP. Our country is the first beneficiary, in absolute value, of the Next Generation EU funds:

191,5 billion euros from the Recovery and Resilience facility, RRF (Dispositivo di ripresa e resilienza)
13 billion euros from the programme REACT-EU.

Moreover, the Plan provides a further 30,6 billion euros from the additional national programming, which are collected into a Complementary Fund.   

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan, approved by the European Council on 13th of July 2021, includes 16 Components, grouped into 6 Missions:

  • Mission 1: Digitisation, Innovation, Competitiveness, Culture and Tourism 
  • Mission 2: Green Revolution and Ecological Transition 
  • Mission 3: Infrastructure for Sustainable Mobility 
  • Mission 4: Education and Research 
  • Mission 5: Inclusion and Cohesion 
  • Mission 6: Health


The participation of the University of Brescia to the NPRR missions:

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Last updated on: 27/02/2024