Grants for international candidates



Degree seeking students may apply for international scholarships funded by University of Brescia or by public or private boards in partnership with Italian Government.

Those who have been awarded international grants funded by our university or in partnership with Italian Government are exempted from contribution: they are going to pay the first installment upon enrollment (regional fee for the right to study and stamp duty)

International LMINT and STAR grants 2024/2025 a.y.

The University of Brescia funds for the academic year 2024/2025 the following international scholarships reserved to non-EU candidates living abroad:

  • STAR “Students at Risk” no. 6 grants for candidates with nationality and residence in a developing country or in one of the following countries defined as priority by the Italian Agency for Cooperation: Cuba, Egypt, El Salvador, Jordan, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Tunisia and Palestinian territories.
  • LMINT n. 14 scholarship for holders of bachelor’s degree achieved after at least three years in a non-EU country, who aim at enrolling in an English taught Master's degree programme.

Applications are accepted by 15th February 2024 - Noon (Italian time) via online Pica procedure.

General indications about the procedure are available in the Notice below.


IYT scholarships 2024/2025 a.y.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - Directorate general for public and cultural diplomacy, the Ministry of University and Research, ITA – Italian Trade Agency, and Uni-Italia, within the framework of the “Invest Your Talent in Italy” program, will award grants to non-EU candidates living abroad, that aim at enrolling in English taught master's degrees (corsi di laurea magistrale) in Italy in 2024/25 a.y. The program also includes a mandatory internship at selected Italian companies.

Applicants must be citizens, effectively living, in one of the following countries: Azerbaijan; Armenia; Brazil; Colombia; Egypt; Ethiopia; India; Indonesia; Iran; Ghana; Kazakhstan; Mexico; People’s Republic of China; Republic of Korea; Tunisia; Türkiye; Vietnam.

IYT program fosters cooperation between Italian universities and companies, so as to boost their level of internationalization. It also allows young foreign talents to get their specialization in Italy and to start a working experience in the Italian companies that are part of the Program.

The University of Brescia funds one more scholarship for the IYT project.

Interested candidates may choose one among the following corsi di laurea magistrale (master's degrees) offered at our University:

  • Civil and environmental engineering
  • Communication technologies and multimedia
  • Management (curriculum International business or curriculum Green economy and sustainability)
  • Analytics and data science for economics and management

To take part in the contest, they have to submit two online applications:

- pre-assessment request for the selected UniBs study programme (instructions available below)

- scholarship request via online procedure in the IYT portal from 30 Juanuary till 1 March 2024 at Noon.

University of Brescia is going to inform applicants via email about the pre-assessment results.  Differently, IYT scholarships ranking list will be published by the IYT Committee in Summer 2024.


Grants for refugees - UNICORE 5.0 project

The project University Corridors for Refugees (UNI-CO-RE) is now at its fifth edition. The general aim of the project is to facilitate legal and safe entry in Italy of refugees based in

  • Kenya
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

and to encourage them in completing their studies in Italian universities.

The University of Brescia funds two grants for candidates aiming at enrolling in Corsi di laurea magistrale (masters' degrees) taught in English language.

Applications can be sent from 21 April till 19 May 2023.

Last updated on: 06/02/2024