Living in Italy - required documents

Fiscal Code

It is a citizen identification code issued by the Tax Agency, necessary to complete enrollment, open a bank account, request a health insurance card or sign a rental contract.

Citizens residing abroad can request it at the Italian diplomatic representation in their home country.

In Italy it can be requested sending an email to the nearest Tax Agency office attaching the request form and a copy of the ID/passport. Non-EU citizens must also attach the receipt for the residence permit application.

For more information see the link below.

Heath Insurance

Non-EU students are required to register with the National Health Service (SSN) or take out a private health insurance valid in Italy.

The SSN provides complete health care: it is possible to choose a personal physician, who will take care of health problems free of charge and will prescribe drugs, tests and any specialist visits.

Validity: calendar year, from registration date until 31st December.

How to register:

  1. fill in and pay at any post office a payment slip of EUR 149.77 on the account a/c n.379222, to Amministrazione P.T. Regione Lombardia, reason: Iscrizione volontaria al SSN (voluntary registration with the SSN);
  2. go to the closest ATS office (Local Health Authority) and submit:

for EU citizens:

  • payment receipt
  • the EHIC / EHIC card or the E106 form provided by your home country

for non-EU citizens:

  • payment receipt
  • fiscal code
  • passport
  • receipt of the residence permit application
  • self-certification of residence or stay
  • self-certification certifying enrollment at the University

NB: Voluntary registration with the SSN does not provide the EHIC card necessary to obtain assistance in the other European countries. In order to also obtain the EHIC card you are required to register your permanent residence in Italy at the city hall (Comune) and then request the EHIC.

Residence Permit

First request
Non-EU citizens must apply for a residence permit within 8 days from their arrival in Italy by completing and submitting the application kit at a post office (Sportello Amico) together with:

  • photocopy of passport (personal data and visa)
  • acceptance letter issued by the University specifying the the chosen course of study and the duration. the document must be stamped by the Italian diplomatic representation that issued the visa
  • valid health insurance or copy of the health insurance payment receipt, valid for the duration of the residence permit.

To renew the residence permit it is necessary to fill in the application kit, specifying that it is a renewal. Documents required are:

  • photocopy of passport (personal data and visa)
  • copy of the residence permit
  • documentation certifying the availability of adequate financial resources (e.g scholarship letter or bank account balance)
  • certificate of enrollment with the exams taken
  • copy of the health insurance payment receipt.

NB: renewal must be submitted 60 days prior to expiration of the RP.

Costs for first request and renewal
• EUR 16 for 1 revenue stamp (purchased at a tobacconist's) to be put to the residence permit application
• EUR 30 to be paid at the post office when sending the kit
• EUR 70.46 to be paid to the post office for the electronic residence permit.

Where to apply
The closest post office (Sportello Amico) is in Via U. Foscolo, 1/A or in Piazza Della Vittoria 1.

EU citizens
A residence permit is not required for EU citizens. It is possible to stay in Italy for up to three months as long as you have a valid identity document for expatriation.

After three months, it is necessary to register with the Registry Office of the Municipality (Comune) submitting:

  • passport or identity card;
  • self-certification certifying enrollment at the University;
  • documentation certifying the availability of adequate financial resources (e.g. scholarship letter or bank account balance;
  • copy of the health insurance payment receipt.

Bank Account

In ordet to open a bank account you need:

  • valid identity document;
  • fiscal code;
  • not have incurred commercial bankruptcies;
  • deposit a small initial amount of money

As an alternative, you can also activate the student card issued by Crédit Agricole as a debit card. It is a multiservice card with which you can:

  • receive and arrange money transfers;
  • pay bills;
  • withdraw cash;
  • buy online;
  • pay university fees
  • access the university services
Last updated on: 15/09/2022