If you have taken a TOLC or have participated in an admission call, you must complete the online enrollment procedure from your personal page within the established deadlines.
The matriculation will be completed by the Student Secretariat after ensuring that the required documents have been uploaded and the first installment of university fees paid. You will receive an official notification of successful matriculation via e-mail.
After completing the matriculation application, you must check on the page “Study plans” if the online presentation of the study plan for your degree is required.

Immatricolazione tardiva per corsi di laurea ad accesso libero

E' stato emanato il Decreto Rettorale n. 13/2022 - Prot. n. 0002157 del 10/01/2022 relativo all'accoglimento di richieste di immatricolazione tardiva per corsi di laurea ad accesso libero per l'a.a. 2021-2022.
Le istanze, debitamente motivate, vanno presentate entro e non oltre la scadenza del 28 febbraio 2022.



All the detailed information regarding tuition fees and contributions, the ISEE declaration, exemptions, are available on the "Taxes and fees" page. To obtain a reduction in university tuition fees (second and third installments) compared to the maximum amount, you must have the ISEE certificate required for right-to-study benefits. The document is automatically acquired by the University.


If you have a disability equal to or greater than 66%, report your situation during the online matriculation procedure.


Part-time enrollment allows you to carry out annual activities equal to approximately 50% of what is foreseen in the study plan of the program, except for the necessary rounding-offs. The possibility of enrolling part-time is determined in the didactic regulations of the various degree programs. The option for the part-time regime is allowed to regularly registered students. It is not allowed for supplementary year students. Return to normal time is only possible after attending two years on a part-time basis.


Make an appointment through Infostudente in the Student Secretariat - International Students Office to deliver the original documentation that you have already sent online when you signed up for the test.


It is forbidden - under penalty of annulment of any enrollment subsequent to the first - the simultaneous enrollment in:

  • more than one university
  • multiple degree courses from the same university
  • single courses from the same university 
  • High Schools for Linguistic Mediators (former High Schools for Translator Interpreters-DM n.38 / 2002)

You can instead register at the same time to:

  • Music conservatories
  • Musical institutes
  • National dance academy

However, simultaneous enrollment in another study program must be communicated, after enrollment, to the Student Secretariat of the degree course in which you are enrolled

Badge - Student card

The Student Card, issued by Crédit Agricole Treasurer of the University of Brescia, is a necessary requirement to access university and banking services.

Last updated on: 11/01/2022