Online matriculation procedure


On the page click Students.
Enter the credentials (username and password) provided at the end of the Student Registration procedure.
On your personal page, go to Menu> Secretariat and click "Matriculation" and follow the instructions.


You are applying for the first time to enroll in an Italian university in any degree or master's degree program or you need to enroll in a master's, a PhD programme, a specialization course or a further training course.

Incoming transfer
If you intend to continue a degree initiated in another university at the University of Brescia. Before proceeding with the matriculation, you must submit an application for leave on departure to the University from which you are leaving. The application for recognition of the exams taken at your previous institution must be downloaded from the following page containing the relevant forms. To complete the procedure, it is necessary to present the application for recognition of the exams and course programs to the Student Secretariat. The Degree Program Board will subsequently proceed with the evaluation of your previous academic career.

Drop-out Student
If you intend to matriculate and have previously interrupted your academic career after submitting an application for renunciation at the university in which you were enrolled.

Lapsed student
If you intend to matriculate and have previously been enrolled at a university but have not obtained a degree and have not taken exams for some years. The forfeiture can be verified by contacting the student Secretariat of the university in which you were enrolled.

Career shortening 
If you intend to matriculate, you have already obtained an Italian university degree and you want to ask for the recognition of attendance or exams passed in your previous academic career. Before proceeding with the matriculation, ask for an appointment with the "Career Services" of the Student Secretariat through Infostudente.


You are required to upload an ID photo with a neutral background and vertical orientation (such as identity card or driving license), in bitmap or jpeg format, maximum size 3x4 cm with a resolution of at least 500 dpi (equivalent to 576x768 pixels).
Do not use panoramic photos, photos taken from a distance, from behind or in which the face is not fully visible because it is covered by dark glasses, scarves or other, nor group photos or  photos in which there are other people, drawings or caricatures.
The photo submitted by the student will be verified by the student secretariat and if it does not conform to the required characteristics it will not be validated for the purposes of producing the magnetic card and for the purpose of completing the matriculation procedure.


At the end of the procedure, print the matriculation application and sign it on both pages.

Pay the first installment using the PagoPA method within the deadlines set for the matriculation.

If you have a disability greater than 66% or a disability pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 1, of Law 104/92, pay only €16.00 for duty stamp. For details write to [email protected] - Inclusion and Participation Office


  • matriculation application, printed from the online procedure, properly signed on both pages;
  • front-back photocopy of the valid identification document used for registration and identification, and of the tax code;
  • photocopy of the payment receipt of the first installment of the tuition fees;

Special cases:

  • if you have withdrawn from studies at another university, attach the receipt of the withdrawal;
  • if you have it, the certificate relating to the compulsory 4-hour safety general training that you carried out as part of the alternation school-work courses completed during High School;
  • if you have applied for a transfer to another university, after obtaining the go-ahead at the Student Secretariat, you must attach the transfer receipt (leave);
  • if you have a residence permit you must attach it online together with a photocopy of your identity card; if you have requested an appointment with the Police Headquarters, you must attach a photocopy of the appointment online.
  • The matriculation will be completed by the Student Secretariat after checking that the required documents have been uploaded and the first installment of university fees paid.

You will receive an official notification of successful matriculation via e-mail.

Last updated on: 19/09/2023