Simultaneous enrolment in two higher education programmes

Pursuant to Law n. 33 of 12 April 2022, it is possible to enrol simultaneously in two tertiary education programmes, at the same university or at different universities or institutes of higher education in art and music (in Italy or abroad), per the following conditions:

  • two bachelor's, master's, or single-cycle degree programmes in different degree identification categories;
  • two bachelor's, master's, or single-cycle degree programmes with at least two-thirds different training activities;
  • at least one of the two programmes does not involve obligatory attendance.

Students must meet enrolment requisites for each programme as set forth in national legislation and university regulations.

Pursuant to MD 930 of 29 July 2022, if you are already enrolled or you are going to enrol in a second programme, you have to fill a declaration according to Decree 445/2000, where you declare tha you are already enrolled or you are going to enrol in a second education programme, and you declare to meet the requirements.

The admission form must be transmitted by opening a ticket through the Infostudente service to the Enrollment, registration renewal and withdrawal from studies >> Simultaneous enrolment at the same time as matriculation or otherwise at the time you decide to simultaneously enroll in another course of study.

Simultaneous enrollment in two courses of study entails:

the possibility of obtaining recognition of educational activities carried out in one of the two courses;
the increase of the scholarship for the right to study by 20% provided that you meet and maintain the merit requirements for the scholarship for the entire duration of the courses;
the opportunity to take advantage of a 50% discount on the all-inclusive fee for the most expensive course for those enrolled in two courses at our University.

Last updated on: 21/06/2024