Activating an external internship

The University of Brescia offers students and graduates a service for conducting training and orientation internships in companies or public bodies.

Almalaurea Portal

The internship management is carried out trough the Almalaurea Portal:

Publish internship offers

Companies interested in offering internships can publish on Almalaurea portal advertisements and receive applications directly from those interested.

Find an internship

Students and graduates can:
– view the internship offers on the portal and apply;
– view the list of the accredited companies;
– search through personal contacts;
– ask the professor if they have companies/organizations to suggest.

Activation Procedure

Once the candidate has been identified, it is essential to activate the internship.
An internship must always be activated on the basis of a an Agreement between the company and the University and a Training Project between the company, the intern and the University. The drafting of these documents is done online via the Almalaurea portal.

If the company has never signed an Agreement with the University or the previous Agreement has expired must enter a request for a new Agreement in the “Agreement” section. After the approval of the Placement Office, the company receives instructions for activation.

Training Project
Once the Agreement has been activated, the company may enter the Training Project in the “Training Projects” section. Once entered, the University tutor and the Placement Office approve the training programme sent and receives instructions for activation.

Obligatory safety training

In compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and additions, each student/graduate, BEFORE starting the internship period, must MANDATORY complete the general safety training course on the Moodle platform.

The 4-hour course takes place by connecting directly to the link:, with the credentials assigned by the University, already in possession of the student. At the end of the course, you will be required to pass a final verification test which will allow the issuing of the MANDATORY Certificate BEFORE the start of the internship. 

In the event that the general training has already been passed, we invite the intern to upload the certificate directly onto the Almalaurea portal in the section “Internship documental management“ within the start of the internship, otherwise it will be necessary to attend again the training.


  • An internship is not an employment relationship and is therefore exempt from INPS (National Social Welfare Institution) contributions.
  • The University provides insurance cover for interns, both for occupational accidents, with INAIL (the National Institution for Insurance against Accidents at Work) and for Third-Party Civil Liability.
  • The maximum duration of internships is set at:
    – 12 months for curricular internships, which must be completed before graduation.Please note that the interns should however verify the specification of the deegre programme.
    – 12 months for extracurricular internships, including extensions that must be started within 12 months of the date of graduation.