Closure of an external internship


At the end of attending an internship, all the procedures leading to its closure and registration on the electronic booklet and in the university’s educational system must be carried out. The two stages listed below can be recognised. The first is common to all the macro-areas and all their pertinent courses. The second sets out differentiation by course.

The following documents are required for the formal closure of an internship:

Assessment questionnaire:

The request to complete the Assessment questionnaire for the conclusion of the internship is sent automatically via e-mail to the company tutor and trainee on the end of internship date shown on the training project. The questionnaires are then seen on-line by the university tutor on their personal Almalaurea page.

If the internship ends before the final date shown at activation, the host entity can send an early conclusion request, always via Almalaurea.

Electronic attendance register:

The electronic attendance register must be completed directly on-line on the Almalaurea portal by the trainee, entering the hours in attendance every day and the work done. When the trainee has completed the register, they must click on “Ask for approval”. After this, the system sends an approval request for the register to both the company and university tutors. When both tutors have approved the register, the trainee will receive a confirmation mail. At this point, the internship is understood to be closed and approved.

REGISTRATION OF THE INTERNSHIP within the university career

Once the above procedure has ended, the documentation is sent to the Student Administration office in 10 days by the UOC Tirocini e Placement (Internships and Placements) for registration.

Only for Engineering and Health Area courses, registration of the completed Internship can only occur after the trainee’s participation on an exam date specifically set out by the Course Study Programme.

The specific procedures for each group of courses which sets out a registration date of the internship is given below


The regional regulations set out the Certificate of placement performance and individual dossier for internships of graduates in addition to the assessment questionnaires and the electronic register noted above. The Certificate of placement performance and individual dossier have to be completed using the model given below.
Before collecting the signatures requested, the trainee has to send the document to [email protected] for a check by the Internships Office. Subsequently, the trainee must collect the signatures requested (trainee, company tutor and university tutor’s) and upload the certificate in ‘Document management’ of their project in Almalaurea.

Certification of placement performance and individual dossier

Last updated on: 24/04/2024