Tutor Service – International Mobility

We are the international mobility tutors and we want to be of valuable help for students involved in internationalization projects.

We are available to:

  • Provide information on international mobility programs offered by the University (Erasmus+ study, Erasmus+ traineeship, thesis abroad, double degrees, joint degrees, etc.);
  • Help students with non-EU citizenship with the procedures for requesting the issuance or renewal of the residence permit;
  • Assist all international students for green pass requests (vaccinated abroad) and vaccination reservations;
  • Participate in the University's orientation initiatives and events defined in the University's orientation project, even outside the province.

Tutors receive:

  • in person without appointment: in Via San Faustino 74 / b
    • MON 13.30-16.30
    • TUESDAY 13.30-16.30
    • WED 13.30-16.30
    • THU 9.30-12.30
  • online FRI 09.00-12.00: you have to book an appointment clicking on the link below

E-mail: [email protected]

Tutor manager:

Last updated on: 21/05/2024