To become a tutor, students must be enrolled in a Master's degree programme or in the final years of a single-cycle Master's degree programme at the University of Brescia. Tutors are provided for University Departments, for International Mobility and for University Residences.

In order to carry out the tutoring service, it is necessary to participate in the call for applications. The calls indicate the requirements, the number of working hours, the remuneration and the required tasks.

For information you can contact: [email protected] - Tel.  39 0302016084

You can schedule a face-to-face appointment during the opening hours, in compliance with the COVID-19 security protocol, by sending an email to [email protected].

The Rector’s Delegate for Orientation is Prof. Giovanni Turelli - [email protected]




     Department of Economics and Management
Prof.ssa Simona Franzoni ([email protected])

     Department of Law
Prof.ssa Francesca Malzani ([email protected])

     Engineering Area
DIMI - Prof. Giovanni Incerti ([email protected])
DICATAM - Prof.ssa Carlotta Coccoli (
[email protected])
DII - Dott. Emiliano Sisinni (
[email protected])

     School of Medicine
DSMC - Prof. Corrado Paganelli ([email protected])
DMTT - Prof. Roberto Bresciani (
[email protected])
DSCS - Prof.ssa Anna Maria Della Vedova (
[email protected])

     International Mobility
Dott.ssa Aiko Terao ([email protected])

     Senior Univeristy Campus
Sig.ra Giovanna Bonometti ([email protected])


Last updated on: 21/05/2024