Meet Anna

Anna Tiutiunnyk

Hello there! My name is Anna Tiutiunnyk, I am an international student at the University of Brescia with a background in International Business and English Translation. I come from Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Management (International Business). The course is all in English and I have had no problems as a non-Italian speaker so far.
I have always had a passion for everything international (foreign affairs, international business relations, international law, international marketing, global supply chains etc.) and this course has given me a taste of everything! Including coming to classes and exploring new cultures with my classmates who also come from all over the world!
I believe that if you want to succeed in business, you need to be open to the world and know how to operate in it. The course gives you an opportunity to learn both theoretical and practical sides of all aspects of international business.


How did you find out about UniBs? How was the application process?

As a Ukrainian who had to witness the war in Ukraine unfold, I came to Italy in March of 2022 and saw the initiative of UniBs to help Ukrainian students. I was deeply touched by the willingness to integrate Ukrainians and help them pursue academic careers. Furthermore, UniBs offered English as a language for Business courses which was the perfect option for me.
As for the application process, I contacted the International Department of UniBs and they were extremely helpful and collaborative during each step.


Which is your fav spot in Brescia/UniBs and why?

My favourite spot of UniBs has to be the stairs in the building of Santa Chiara. It is an amazing piece of architecture. I really appreciate that Italians always preserve and take care of the historical buildings, combining modern and classic approaches. It is always nice to go out for a break during my classes and see students chatting on those breath-taking stairs.


What is your proudest accomplishment since you arrived here?

I would say that as an international student in a foreign country, not a tourist, one can face a lot of challenges. A student leaves behind everything that has been accomplished in a home country and starts from scratch. It’s both a challenge and an opportunity because you get to learn your strong sides and “competitive advantages”. I think that discovering my true value is the answer to this question.


While studying, did you need to find an extra job?

As I wanted to fully focus on the studies, I didn’t apply for any jobs. However, if you seek experience, some courses like Digital Marketing give you an opportunity to solve real-case problems in this field, based on the company you choose 🙂.


Before arriving in Brescia, which was the biggest obstacle that you feared you could meet while attending a foreign university and did you manage to overcome it?

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Ukraine; therefore, I was not familiar with an Italian system of education. However, let me reassure you, you will be given plenty of opportunities to succeed.
Furthermore, I was concerned about finding a place to stay in, but the University of Brescia offers amazing housing services in dormitories. I cannot stress enough how great the campus is. You will find everything you need here and more. What about the language? Unless you studied Italian, anyone can face a problem of a language barrier in any country. I find Brescia to be very comfortable for non-Italian speakers as it is a modern city where a lot of people speak English. You will be able to study, run errands and communicate with others. If you want to study Italian, you will be given an opportunity to join an Italian language course for international students.