Meet Maria

María Paz Urgilés Salinas


1. When did your journey at UniBs begin?

My experience at UniBs started on July 10, 2023, when I received the selection mail for the LMINT scholarship for the Master in "Management, Green Economy and Sustainability." From that moment on, the whole process was guided and carefully explained, which showed me from the beginning the quality of the education and the organization of the University.


2. Name three reasons why an international student should choose UniB.

  • A wide range of subjects allows you to choose based on interests. In each one, you find excellent teachers and an intercultural  environment that helps to learn from different approaches.
  • The University is located in a city of culture, tradition, and history, full of churches, museums, and cultural events every week, with an excellent connectivity that allows to travel through the main Italian cities, mountains, and lakes, enjoying every season unique landscapes and activities.
  • UniBs means networking with people from all over the world, professors, and researchers that enrich your social capital and open up opportunities to work and learn.


3. Did you find a welcoming atmosphere at UniBs among other students/colleagues and professors?

Entering UniBs was to find Italian warmth and hospitality. From the warm greeting of the reception staff who knew how to guide me to the international students' offices to the office of the student tutor who taught me through the classrooms, libraries, and facilities of the University located in an atmosphere of tranquility and Brescia's history. The professors were always open to sharing their knowledge and generating an inclusive learning environment. Among my classmates, there was no shortage of people who kindly showed me beautiful places in the city and the services for food, transportation, and entertainment offered by the town.


4. Describe a typical day as a student at Uni Bs and as an international student in Brescia.

My day starts with a "brioche al cioccolato" at breakfast and then classes, usually starting at 9 a.m. The morning break is the best time to have an Italian espresso and exchange experiences with people from all over the world. At noon, I have lunch at the Mensa, and in the afternoon, I like to visit some of the libraries in the city center and study; at the end of the day, I like to take the public bike back to the residence, go for a walk and do some shopping for dinner. Finally, dinner is the time to share with the friends of the residence hall and share some treats and the activities of our days.


5. Would you like to stay in Italy/Brescia once you finish your studies, or would you prefer to return to your country/other nations?

I want to stay in Italy, and I want to continue my doctoral studies in this country, as I find in the field of research an opportunity for my development.