Meet Cherifa

Cherifa Ben Farhat

My name is Cherifa Ben Farhat, and I embarked on a journey from Tunisia to Brescia to pursue a master's degree in management with a specialisation in international business. From the moment I received my acceptance letter from UNIBS, I have been fortunate to receive tremendous support and assistance from the entire UNIBS staff. I genuinely appreciate and remain grateful for their ongoing help and support since day one.


How has been your experience at UniBs so far?

My time at UNIBS has been truly exceptional. From the moment I set foot on campus, I've been fortunate to receive guidance from incredibly friendly individuals, including the administration staff, students, professors, and even some Italians I've had the pleasure of meeting along the way. One of the highlights of my experience has been the opportunity to interact with students from diverse backgrounds, including those participating in the Erasmus program. This exposure has significantly enriched my mindset, while offering unique perspectives and fostering a sense of global community. Overall, my journey at UNIBS has been nothing short of amazing, and I am truly grateful for the welcoming and inclusive environment that has defined my time here.


Could you share your insights on the cost of living for international students in Brescia? 

I was lucky enough to get “THE INVEST IN YOUR TALENT IN ITALY” scholarship which made things easier for me.  This generous scholarship has been essential in making my experience in Brescia more manageable and allowing me to focus on my academic pursuits with peace of mind. Moreover, I am grateful for the university for providing me with accommodation at UNIBS dormitory facility which has allowed me to reduce my expenses.


During your experience in UniBs, you attended the X-Culture tailored by the University of North Carolina Greensboro: could you explain the main focuses of this project and how did this experience contribute to your overall path as a student?

The X-culture program was one of the programs that I have enjoyed working on. It provides participants with the opportunity to work on solving real companies’ challenges through collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds.  Although the program presents multiple challenges such as coordinating across different time zones, dealing with individuals that have different work ethics and mindsets, and ensuring timely delivery of the assigned tasks, the benefits are highly significant.  The X culture program facilitates self-discovery and enables you to assess your potentials and skills through the perspectives of others. Overall, the experience enhances your problem-solving skills, refines global communication and engagement skills, and fosters personal and professional growth. 


Which is your favourite Italian cultural thing/habit?

I have developed a love for several Italian habits that I find myself embracing. 
The first one is using gestures to communicate. Italians are expressive and I truly admire that. Their gestures showcase that they are extremely immersed in the conversation and that makes them feel grateful. 
In addition, I guess I became addicted to coffee now. I no longer drink only cappuccino. But instead, I became keener of ordering espresso especially after lunch, which helps me to stay concentrated during afternoon classes.


Do you speak Italian? If yes, how long did it take to learn the language?

Unfortunately, I am currently not fluent in Italian. However, I truly believe that it is not that hard if you have the willingness to speak and practice without paying too much attention to what people would think of your accent. 
Personally, I can understand all my friends when they speak in Italian, and I am doing my best to engage in conversations with them. Additionally, I am truly grateful for all my Italian friends who are pushing me to speak without judging my accent.