Who is the course for?

The programme is aimed at:

- Italian and foreign students who are interested in improving the quality of their basic education in order to attend university successfully

- international students who have not reached the 12 years of schooling required to enroll in a degree programme in Italy, interested in improving their language skills in Italian

- students in possession of the US High School Diploma (HSD) who have not passed the three "Advanced Placements" (APs) required for enrolment in Italian universities

 - students in possession of the "General Certificate of Education" (GCE) or the "International Certificate of Education" (IGCE) issued by the United Kingdom without being in possession of the 3 A-levels required for enrolment in Italian universities.

Students who pass the Foundation Year final exams:

  • will meet the minimum educational and linguistic requirements for admission to university study at the University of Brescia
  • international students will be exempted from the Italian language proficiency test
  • for study programmes with indicative admission tests, passing the final exam of the teaching module corresponding to at least 30 CFCs of specific training is equivalent to passing the indicative admission exam.
  • attending the English module, will have it recognized for the English language exam if they enrol in a study programme.

NB: students who enroll in degree programmes with a limited number of places available  must still take the admission test.

The programme includes a joint part consisting of Italian language and culture lessons for students with a foreign qualification and English language lessons for students with a high school diploma obtained in Italy, as well as in-depth studies in the area of study of interest:

- Engineering and Sustainable Agricultural Systems

- Medicine

- Economics and Law


Last updated on: 12/05/2021