Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Innovation in Clinical Research and Methodology

Clinical research

PhD Program


The PhD Program in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Innovation in Clinical Research and Methodology has been established by the Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences

Coordinator: Prof. Domenico Russo

Educational goals

The PhD in "Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Innovation in Clinical Research and Methodology" is a multidisciplinary PhD aimed at theoretical-practical learning of the most advanced technologies in the bio-medical, bio-engineering, bio-informatics and artificial intelligence fields, for the development application of integrated research programs in the medical-surgical field, regenerative medicine and cell therapy and the planning and management of experimental clinical studies. Due to its characteristics, the Doctoral Course aims to train doctors, engineers, health economists, biologists, physicists, bio-IT, bio-statisticians, nurses, capable of transferring and integrating technological know-how in the medical-surgical application field and, at the same time, to learn the use of advanced technologies for new diagnostic-therapeutic strategies and for improving the quality of life of patients.

Therefore, the PhD proposes the post-graduate training of new highly specialized professional figures who, due to their interdisciplinary skills, may have new and more qualified job opportunities in universities, in public or private research institutes, in hospitals or in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry.

Each PhD student is entrusted to a Tutor who follows the academic-training path for the development of a research project.

The PhD course is organized in three curricula:

- Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
- Regenerative Medicine
- Innovation in Clinical and Methodological Research


Expected employment and professional opportunities

The PhD is aimed at training high professionals scientific qualification capable of entering public research institutes or national and international private individuals with high clinical and scientific value, in the Hospitals, Medical Departments and National Ethics Committees and international, in the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Industry.

Entry requirements

The PhD Programme is a III level study programme open to holders of II level degrees (Master of Science degree or similar academic qualification awarded abroad and considered equivalent in terms of duration, level and field of study).

Upon conclusion of the educational and research prospectus, after passing the final exam, the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is awarded.


The Call for Admission of the A.Y. 2021/2022 is now open!

Deadline: 4th August, 2021 at 2:00pm (italian time)

Members of the Scientific Board

Courses and Seminars

Curricula and research themes

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