CUCS - University coordination for Cooperation and Development

In order to promote cooperation in the most disadvantaged areas of the world, in 2010 the University of Brescia joined the University Coordination for Cooperation and Development (CUCS) which aims to promote collaboration among stakeholders at international level.

30 Italian universities have joined CUCS, starting from a first agreement signed by the universities of Trento, Trieste, Venice, Padua and Ferrara. The purpose of the Coordination is:

  • Prepare education, training, design and scientific dissemination courses in the field of human and sustainable development and development cooperation
  • Boosting the training of new generations of researchers, academics and professionals who can work to promote human and sustainable development at local and international level
  • Building and consolidating Networks of competence (horizontal or transversal between universities, NGOs, enterprises, local and national institutions)
  • Innovating development cooperation practices through research to improve their effectiveness

In agreement with the Ministry of foreign affairs and cooperation and the Politecnico di Milano, a Data Base of projects and courses involving cooperation has been set up.


Proceedings CUCS congress - Brescia 2015

Last updated on: 29/06/2021