Car Parks

Plan of North Campus car parks

Users are reminded that there are three car parks for UNIBS students and authorised users south of Via Branze. The entrance to Car park P1 is in Viale Europa and the exit in Via Branze; the entrances and exits to Car parks P2 and P3 are in Via Branze, as highlighted in the attached plan.

The whole area is video-controlled for greater safety and security of both the parked vehicles and users, especially at night. The car parks are fully automated with bars and the entrance and exit.

In the car parks you can find 4 charging stations for electric vehicles. The recharge are free for car park guests.

How to use the car parks by type of user:

  • Students
  • Relatives and friends of graduand students
  • Participants in congresses and seminars

Useful Documentation

Last updated on: 25/07/2023