Online language activity for all UniBs students

Distance learning

Online language training for all UniBs students

Extracurricular English / French / Spanish / German language courses for all UniBs students

The CLA will provide the following distance learning language courses for all Unibs students:

  • English – B2 level (IELTS)
  • Spanish – B1 level
  • French – B1 level
  • German – B1 level

The courses will take place in the March-July period and the September-December period. They are aimed both at students who wish to improve their language skills and those who intend to participate in one of the university’s international mobility programmes.

The extracurricular activities:

  • reward active participants with an Open Badge
  • do not reward university training credits (CFU)
  • do not substitute curricular courses
  • are not official certificates of achievement for the target level

Enrollment to 'corsi extracurriculari' (march-july 2022) are open: go to your personal Unibs webpage ( and click on 'SEGRETERIE - INIZIATIVE' from April 1st to 10th. (english version: Registrar’s Office > Initiatives)

For IELTS B2 enrollment are open from 9th to 17th April on Unibs webpage ( and click on 'SEGRETERIE - INIZIATIVE' from April 1st to 10th. (english version: Registrar’s Office > Initiatives)

Last updated on: 30/05/2022