Brixia University Press (BUP)

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The Editorial and Scientific Committees of Brixia University Press (BUP), the university’s publishing house, were set up in 2016 and 2017. BUP handles the publication of both institutional volumes of the university, through the Collana Quaderni (lit. Notebook Series), directed by Prof. Franco Docchio, and educational volumes, through the  Collana Studi e Ricerche (lit. Study and Research Series). Prof. Giulio Maternini is the Co-ordinator of the two Committees.

The administrative work for BUP is co-ordinated by the U.O.S. Segreteria del Rettore (Rector’s Administration Office).


Scientific committee:

  • Prof. Loriana Zanuttigh
  • Prof. Pietro Apostoli
  • Prof. Emilio Chirone
  • Prof. Giancarlo Provasi

Editorial committee:

  • Prof. Marina Colombi
  • Prof. Tecla Mazzarese
  • Prof. Alberto Ghilardi
  • Prof. Adriano Lezzi
  • Prof. Nicola Lopomo
  • Prof. Marco Metra
  • Prof. Giulio Maternini
  • Prof. Sergio Onger
Last updated on: 17/06/2022