CLA Open Badge

Open Badges are digital certificates of acquired knowledge, soft skills and proficiency. They are guaranteed by the issuing body and internationally recognised.

The Language Teaching Centre (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo) has created the following Open Badges relating to language proficiency within the CLA-UniBS project:


A print of the PDF of the Open Badge can be obtained following the indications below: 

  • log in on Bestr;
  • this opens directly on the ‘My Badges’ page;
  • click on the six-sided (hexagonal) image of the Badge;
  • this takes you to the Award Page. A series of icons is shown under the information that you (name and surname) gained the Badge on (date) ...... . The last icon is black and is the Print Certificate icon; click on this to generate the PDF certificate of your Badge.
Last updated on: 21/11/2023