Technology for Health

PhD Programme


The PhD Programme in Technology for Health has been established by the Department of Information Engineering

Coordinator: Prof.ssa Alessandra Flammini

Educational goals

According to the World Health Organization, technology at the service of health deals with the application of knowledge and skills for the development of tools, procedures and systems aimed at solving health problems and improving the quality of life; the "health technologies" represent indispensable solutions at the basis of an effective and efficient process of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Consistently, the PhD in T4H proposes an interdisciplinary program that combines the fields of engineering and medicine (e.g., bioinformatics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, biotechnologies, ICT systems, etc.) with the aim of developing solutions to prevent and solve problems related to human health and well-being, and to manage complex systems (e.g., lifestyles, environment, green energy, etc.) that have an impact on them.

The student is driven to develop a practical understanding of clinical care and the role that technology can play in supporting health and preventing health risks of various origins. Through possible study periods abroad, the students have the opportunity to broaden their skills in an international context and acquire additional transversal skills (i.e., “soft” skills) which allows them to work in interdisciplinary teams, with possible roles of leadership. At the end of the three-year period, the student will be highly qualified to carry out research and innovation activities, both in the academic and industrial fields.

Entry requirements

The PhD Programme is a III level study programme open to holders of II level degrees (Master of Science degree or similar academic qualification awarded abroad and considered equivalent in terms of duration, level and field of study).

Upon conclusion of the educational and research prospectus, after passing the final exam, the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is awarded.


Courses and Seminars

Last updated on: 15/06/2023