General outline to achieve the PhD Degree

Conseguire il titolo di Dottore di Ricerca


The qualification of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is an academic Degree awarded upon completion of the PhD Programme, upon successfully passing the final examination, which is subordinate to the presentation of a written dissertation (doctoral dissertation).

The doctoral dissertation, accompanied by a summary in Italian or English language, is written in Italian or English or in another language, subject to the authorization of the PhD Board of Professors.

The doctoral dissertation, accompanied by a report of the PhD student on the activities carried out during the PhD Programme and on any of his/her publications, is assessed by at least two evaluators of highly qualified experience, of which at least one is a university professor, who can also belong to foreign institutions, external to the subjects who have contributed to the release of the PhD Degree, hereinafter referred to as evaluators. The evaluators express a written analytical judgment on the doctoral dissertation and propose its admission to public presentation and debate (final exam) or its deferment for a period not exceeding six (6) months, in case they consider significant additions or corrections necessary.

After this period of deferment, the doctoral dissertation is in any case admitted to public presentation and debate (final exam), accompanied by a new written opinion issued by the same evaluators, in the light of any corrections or additions the PhD student made.

The PhD final defense (final exam) is public and takes place before a Board of Examiners whose composition is defined in the UNIBS PhD Rules and Regulation. At the end of the public presentation and debate (final exam), the doctoral dissertation receives a motivated written collegial judgment of either approval or rejection. The PhD Board of Examiners, by unanimous vote, has the right to award honours in the presence of results of particular scientific importance.

Last updated on: 15/10/2022