EU candidates: master's degrees

Admission requirements: qualifications

Admission to a Corso di laurea magistrale (second cycle degree) requires possession of a undegraduate degree or three-year university diploma achieved in Italy, or another equivalent qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable for access.

The foreign qualification
- must be comparable at the First cycle QF-EHEA / 6° EQF level
- must have been issued by universities or post-secondary upper education institutions officially recognized in the local education system
- must allow pursuit of university studies at the next level comparable at the Second cycle QF-EHEA / 7° EQF level, within the education system that issued the qualification.

Admission to the university is only permitted if documents certifying possession of the requirements are valid, as required by current regulations and the specific provisions of the Ministry of University and Research.

Curricular and personal preparation requirements

Admission to Corsi di Laurea magistrale (second cycle degrees) is subject to the meeting of specific curricular and personal preparation requirements. These criteria are established annually for all study programmes and are indicated in the admission notices or in the Teaching Regulations that can be viewed in the web page dedicated to the course.

A summary about requirements for English taught master's degrees for holders of foreign qualification is available below.

For Corsi di Laurea magistrale (second cycle degrees) in Economics, Engineering and Law areas the pre-evaluation by the relevant Commission is compulsory for candidates with foreign degree, in order to verify if they meet the specific curricular and personal preparation requirements. Applications must be submitted via PICA online procedure.

Differently, admission to the following study programmes requires candidates to sit and pass a selective admission test:

  • Nursing and midwifery sciences
  • Sciences and techniques of preventive and adapted physical activities
  • Medical biotechnology
  • Social economy and cooperatives

Admission requirements: English language proficiency

All Corsi di Laurea magistrale (second cycle degrees) in Economics, Engineering and Law areas require proficiency in English language to at least level B1 CEFR (Common european framework of reference for languages). Instead of the official certification of English language proficiency, study programmes can accept candidates who attended their educational pathway in English or passed English language examinations during their academic studies. Detailed information are provided in the Teaching Regulations that can be viewed in the web page dedicated to the study programme.

Documents to be submitted upon enrollment

Upon enrollment, candidates must submit the following documents to the International students admission unit:

  1. The original diploma (or replacement certificate) and the transcript of records in a foreign language, referring to the first cycle degree or post-secondary education must be accompanied by the official translation in Italian or English: those concerned can contact local translators and must request certification of the translation's compliance from the territory's official Italian Representation. 
  2. The original diploma (or the replacement certificate) and the transcript of records must also be legalized or carry the Apostille stamp and must be accompanied by the Declaration of value issued by the official Italian Representation in the country relevant to the attended education system.
  3. The detailed programmes of the exams taken (Syllabus) are considered a preferential requirement. They must bear the foreign University stamp and they have to be translated in Italian or English, too.

Any other documents in a foreign language must be translated into Italian or English.

Pursuant to the European Convention signed in Bruxelles on 25 May 1987, documents issued by public offices in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy and Latvia are exempted from legalization.

Instead of Legalization and Declaration of value our university accepts respectively the Statement of verification and the Statement of comparability issued by CIMEA.

Last updated on: 21/02/2023