Before Arrival

Online Application Form

If you have been accepted as an Erasmus student at Unibs, you will receive the credentials and the access code to fill in the online application form.

Deadlines to complete the on line application form are:

July 15th - (first semester and whole academic year students)
November 15th - (second semester students)

The link to the online application form and step-by-step instructions are provided below. 

Fill in your Learning Agreement

Fill in and upload in the application form your Learning Agreement for studies (latest European version). Choose the subjects from our course catalogue linked below.

In the pdf file you can also find the complete list of the subjects taught in english, during the current academic year, sorted by Department. At the Law Department and in the Medical Area all courses are taught in Italian.

Have the document signed by your home university and the Erasmus departmental coordinator at Unibs of your area. The Erasmus Departmental Coordinator is the responsible person at the Receiving Institution in charge of signing the LA for Unibs. Names and contact details of the coordinators can be found in the file below.

Language Requirements and Italian language courses

Most of the classes at the University of Brescia are offered in Italian, therefore having adequate Italian language knowledge is highly recommended if you are going to attend courses held in italian (especially at the Department of Law and in the Medicine area).

The following levels (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) are recommended according to your study cycle:
Bachelor's Students - ltalian A2
Master's Students - Italian B1

The University of Brescia offers complimentary Italian language courses at different levels, starting at the beginning of each semester: in September and in February.
The attendance to these courses is very recommended if you do not have any italian language competence and have selected courses in italian for your Learning Agreement.  
Taking an assessment test is required at the beginning of the classes and another one is planned at the end of the course. Students who have attended 75% of the classes will receive an attendance Certificate.
The Italian language course does not count towards the credits earning.

For additional information on the language courses, please visit the dedicated page.

Accommodation opportunities

  1. The University of Brescia has 8 residences in the city where the incoming students can apply for a room. Students cannot choose directly the residence nor a specific room type, but they are usually accommodated in double rooms, in one of the residences located either in the city center or at the Campus. Additional information about the campus residences can be found in the link below. N.B. Due to the safety measures adopted against Covid19, for the whole duration of the State of Emergency in our country, the availability of the rooms will be very low. It is strongly recommended to use other channels to find accommodation. 
  2. The University of Brescia is also partner of UNIBS Student Housing, a support service for housing research in Brescia featuring pictures, virtual tours, address, prices, owners' contacts and other useful details. 
    For additional information see the link below.
  3. Other housing opportunities can be found in the private market, through online adverts. 
Last updated on: 11/05/2022