Upon arrival and during your stay

The welcome day is normally held at the beginning of each semesters, in September and in February. 

The attendance is mandatory for all the incoming students, so do not miss the event if you want to:

  • receive all the information on the procedures, the documents to submit and the requirements to meet;
  • be informed on the services provided by Unibs (accommodation, canteen, sport facilities, transportation, Italian language course, etc);
  • meet your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator;
  • join the recreational activities arranged for you: a welcome buffet lunch and a guided tour to the city center;
  • connect with ESN Brescia - Erasmus Student Network 

In order to complete the arrival procedures, you will be required to provide the following documents

  1. Identity card or passport 
  2. Profile picture (passport-size) 
  3. European Health Insurance Card or private health insurance 
  4. Approved Learning Agreement

The Arrival certificate, the document proving that you have started your mobility, is provided by the sending institution and must be sent to the International Mobility Office for their signature.

  1. Unibs Student card (a multifunctional card issued by Crédit Agricole Bank working as a student ID and - optionally - as a debit card.)
  2. Free Transportation Pass (offered by the Municipality of Brescia in cooperation with Unibs)
  3. Canteen Card (for students living outside the Campus residences: apply for the card by filling in the online request on the platform of the Services Office. For info: [email protected]

After your arrival, you will receive an email with all the details on when and where to pick up the cards.


Classes are in presence.

Check the beginning and end of classes in the academic calendar of your department of reference.

Exams are also held in presence. When exam sessions are open, remember to register to the exams on your personal page!

It is not possible to take exams without registration to the calls (appelli). Registrations are open from 30 days up to 5 days before the exam date. Late registration is also not allowed. 

Additional information on registration is provided in the links.

During your stay, you might need to make exceptional Changes to your Online Learning Agreement.

Changes have to be agreed and approved by the home University coordinator and Unibs coordinator within one month from the beginning of the semester. 

Annual students can make the changes twice a year, at the beginning of each semester. 

Once you have successfully changed your OLA, please inform the International Mobility Office for the necessary steps (update of your study plan). 

Last updated on: 11/06/2024