Thermal-fluid dynamics for sustainable energy

The summer school is organized by the University of Brescia in partnership with Mines Saint'Etienne and aims at providing the basics of fluid mechanics and transport phenomena in the context of the energy transition. 

The objectives of the new European Green Deal by 2050 pushes the community to deal with scientific problems of great complexity which requires a robust knolwdge of thermal-fluids cioences and modern simulation techniques. Examples are wind, geothermal, geological carbon storage, and  the modernization of the entire energy infrastructure (e.g., the use and production of hydrogen).

The lessons will cover various aspects related to thermo-fluid dynamics: fluid mechanics and heat exchange, turbulence models, numerical methods. The courses will also deal with frontier topics, such as optimization and multiscale modeling applied to the production of clean energy.

The activity of the summer school are in synenrgy with companies operating in the enrgy sector:  the engineers of the R&D offices will share their experience in the field by showing application examples of the theoretical concepts seen in class.

The school is aimed at graduate and PhD students and industry. 

The school will be helded in Desenzano del Garda from September 11th to September 15th 2023.

Last updated on: 05/07/2023