Access to Justice in Interdisciplinary and Transnational Perspective

4-10 July 2022

The Summer School will take place at the premises of the Department of Law and aims at giving a thorough preparation on the principles and fundamental characters of the theme of access to justice, in an interdisciplinary perspective, with particular regard to the areas of civil procedural law and dispute resolution, labor law and philosophy of law, as well as in a transnational and comparative perspective, with particular regard to the distinction between civil law and common law systems but also in relation to specific models, such as the ones of Italy, Spain, United States and Latin America.

Teaching and training will rely both on theoretical and practical method, including the illustration of concrete cases, drawing on the experience of legal clinics. The problems of access to justice will be addressed with specific attention to the issues of diversity, inequalities, new technologies, the different methods of teaching law and the relationship between society, universities and the Institutions.

Last updated on: 03/06/2022