Madonna del Lino


The historic building of the “Madonna del Lino” (Virgin of the Linen) is located next to a church dedicated to the “Beata Vergine del Mercato del Lino” (Blessed Virgin of the Market of the Linens) that was designed in 1608 by the architect Pietro Maria Bagnadore.

The buildings was originally destined to be the rectory of the church and may be seen in some depictions of the share dating back to the second half of the XVIII century with its turret, which is typical of many buildings in Brescia, in clear view.

Its proximity with Palazzo Martinengo Palatini, which now houses the Rectorate, takes on symbolic value for the University of Brescia, thus enforcing the spread of its branches throughout the city’s historic centre. The building’s premises host the university’s activities connected to international relations and orientation. 

Laying of the foundation stone: September 16, 1608
Inauguration: september 16, 2020

Last updated on: 04/01/2023