Bettoni Palace

bettoni palace

Bettoni Palace was built in the first decades of the 16th century, when the destruction of the section of Visconti walls, which occupied the current Via Gramsci, left room for major restorations and constructions of magnificent noble residences. 
The austerity of the façade, enriched by a marble perspective portal, contrasts with the richness of the interiors, where marble works and eighteenth-century frescoes decorate the boardrooms, the sumptuous ballroom, and the elegant north-west staircase, the result of the late Baroque style. 
Another interesting element is the porch, located on the back side of the building and overlooking Bruno Boni square, an urban space that was once the private garden of the building.
The building was ceded to the Municipality of Brescia in 1907 and it was used for many years as a post office, before being restored once acquired by the University of Brescia.

Last updated on: 21/02/2022