Configuration of the Eduroam wireless network

How to use it for users of the University of Brescia Eduroam


When users of the University of Brescia go to another institution belonging to the federation, they can connect to the wireless eduroam network of that institute using the usual credentials issued by the University of Brescia for access to the MyPortal.

The parameters to be used for the configuration are attached on this page.

Please note that:

  1. login is the account used to access University services (MyPortal, wireless networks, UGOV/ESSE3, etc.);
  2. is a constant value to be always linked to login and the same for all UniBS users (staff and students).

How to use the guest staff at the University of Brescia

Similarly, users of any entity participating in the federation will be able to use the Eduroam network present on the premises of the University of Brescia using the credentials provided by their own institution. The name of the network (SSID) to be used to access the service is: eduroam.

Guide per la configurazione della rete Eduroam


Staff and students from the University of Brescia can open a request on the servicedesk support system servicedesk.
External users can send an email to the email address: [email protected]
Last updated on: 18/03/2024