Configuration of the Student wireless network

On these pages you can find information on the configuration of wireless networks Students

Configuring clients for access to the service
The system uses the most advanced security tools available today. Network authentication to users is done through the use of the cryptographic certificate. 

Before setting up the network, it is necessary to install the certificate, which will ensure the security of the connection to the university network. The wireless network can then be configured, remembering to validate the installed certificate. 

Below are the basic configurations for Student Networks

Student network

  • Security: WPA2-Enterprise + AES; 
  • Authentication: PEAP/MSCHAPv2 or TTLS/PAP; 
  • Certificate: see Annex; Windows Certificate (unibs-ca.der) or Mac-Android Certificate (unibs-ca.crt); 
  • Domain:
  • Credentials: Used for access to the services of the University Portal.

Certificate installation guide

Student Newtork: configuration guide

Last updated on: 28/02/2024