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Registration Procedures

If you are a student with a disability recognized by L. 104/1992 and/or by L. 118/71 with a report issued by INPS and you have to register for a competition through Esse3, you will have to register and then register for the Admission Test.

If you need to use aids during the Test, you will need to upload the documentation in Esse3, by the date set out in each notice of competition.

To upload the documents on Esse3, click on Menù> Registrar's Office> Invalidity Declaration.

If you have not yet submitted your disability report, please follow the instructions at the following link:

When registering for the Test, you must fill in the "Ausili Richiesti" (Required aids) field. You will have to fill in according to which are the aids you require for each competition.

If you do not need aids, you can specify "no aid required".

Please follow the instructions below:


To be granted support during exams or placement tests you will have to upload the complete certification. In order to take advantage of support, you will be asked to fill in a privacy policy and the Self-declaration of the Notoriety Act.

If you are a student with a Civil Invalidity Report pursuant to L. 118/71 and/or a report of recognition of disability pursuant to L. 104/92 in need of an update, the old certificate shall remain valid, pending a new INPS visit, as established by

Viste le nuove modalità di revisione previste dall'INPS invitiamo a consultare la pagina dedicata


The University, in order to guarantee uniform and equal treatment, has decided to extend the ministerial indications above also to the admission tests for programs with local management.

Possible Aids

If you are a student with a disability recognized by L. 104/1992 and/or by L. 118/71 with a report issued by the INPS who made an appropriate request when registering for a admission test and who has presented the appropriate certification, you can take advantage of aids that will be evaluated based on your request, to your specific situation, and according to the current legislation on admission competitions.

The tools will be evaluated based on the certification provided and the aforementioned Ministerial Decrees.

You will be informed on which are the aids that will be granted to you during the Admission Tests will be sent to the email address you have provided during the online registration.

For any further information, you can send an email to the office staff at [email protected]



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