Commission for Disabilities and SLD


The University Commission for Disabilities was created informally in 1999 when, with L. 17, the Rector’s Delegate for Disabilities was instituted.

The Commission for the period 2022-2028 is in office as of 15 March 2023. The Commission was formalised by Regulations issued by DR No. 148/2023, ns. Prot. 69833 and was appointed by DR No. 181/2023, ns. Prot. 78292.

This Commission ensures the presence of a representative professor from the University's disciplinary areas (Engineering, Medicine, Law, and Economics), someone who can become a reference person for students with disabilities and SLD, ensuring the elimination of obstacles, both physical and relational, that students could have to face in everyday academic life. The Commission also includes a Student Representative appointed by the Student Participation Committee and the Head of the Inclusion, Participation and University Housing Unit

For any kind of issue please get in touch with UOC Inclusion, Participation, and University Campus - [email protected] - to set up an appointment.


Prof. Alberto Arenghi
Rector’s Delegate for Disabilities
Committee Chairman
Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
phone. +390303711231-213 fax +390303711312
[email protected]

Prof. Gabriele Baronio
Committee Member for the subject area of Engineering (DICATAM, DII, DIMI)
phone. +390303715508 fax +390303702448
[email protected]

Prof. Giuseppina De Petro
Committee Member for the subject area of Medicine (DMMT, DSCS, DSMC)
phone. +390303717241-264 fax +390303717241
[email protected]

Prof. Sergio Onger
Committee Member for the subject area of Economics (DEM)
phone. +39 0302988880 fax +39 0302988893
[email protected]

Prof. Elisabetta Fusar Poli
Committee Member for the subject area of Law (DIGI)
phone. +390302989616 fax +39 0302989613
[email protected]

Sig. Mattia Rebessi
Student Representative for student with disability and SLD

Dr Sara Zuanon
Head of the Inclusion, Participation and University Campus Unit
tel. +39 0302016058
[email protected]

Last updated on: 23/05/2024