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What are the requirements of my Diagnosed of SLD by L. 170/2010?

In case of Specific Learning Disorders, as established by L. 170/2010 (art. 3) and the subsequent Accordo Stato Regioni del 25/7/2012, it is necessary to produce suitable updated diagnostic certification, including neurological examination and neuropsychological tests, issued no more than 3 years ago by structures of the Italian National Healthcare System or by structures and specialists accredited by this institution.

During admission competitions, unless otherwise specified by the competent ministry, diagnoses not older than three years or made after the age of majority are considered valid.

During your university course, however, while awaiting an update, you may still receive support, but on condition that you produce a self-certification indicating the date of the presumed visit to update your diagnosis to be sent to [email protected] and as soon as you receive the new diagnosis, it must be uploaded to your personal page in esse3 by clicking Menu>Secretariat>Declaration of Invalidity.

Last updated on: 17/01/2023