Civil Service: a year for others and for you

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An opportunity for training and personal and professional growth, to get involved and experiment. For young people aged 18 to 28. It lasts 12 months for 25 hours per week, with a reimbursement of over 500 euros.
It can be carried out in thousands of reception institutions throughout Italy. In the province of Brescia there are around 450 institutions and they foresee projects in Italy and abroad.

You can choose projects in these areas:
•    assistance
•    cultural education and promotion
•    heritage and environment
•    historical, artistic and cultural heritage
Or you can choose to do the SCU year abroad

To participate, reply to the announcement by February 15th!

Why not consider, as Laura explains in the video, whether it is not possible to combine university life or the period immediately following graduation to experience this important opportunity for training and personal and professional growth?

In Brescia, over 450 places are available on hundreds of projects in third sector entities (associations, cooperatives, foundations, Caritas, etc.) and in municipalities, in many sectors: assistance, civil protection, environmental, historical, artistic and cultural heritage, education and promotion of cultural, environmental, sport, sustainable and social tourism, agriculture, biodiversity, promotion of peace between peoples, human rights, development cooperation. Here is the complete list of opportunities offered by the Brescia network.

The applications must be completed exclusively online, via the "DOL" platform prepared by the Department of Youth and Universal Civil Service and accessible with SPID.

Last updated on: 26/01/2024