Discover our new degree programmes for the 2021/2022 academic year

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Discover our new degree programmes

Three new degree courses will be available this upcoming academic year (2021/2022). Fruit of our University's dialogue with industrial enterprises and associations, the degree programme in Product and Process Industrial Techniques aims to train new professional figures who possess applicative and industrial skills of local interest, gained through practical training and laboratory activities. Another degree programme guided by the principle of learning by doing is "Building Techniques", which aims to train students on how to use the technology and the management methods employed in building processes in an intensely urbanized area, which boasts a widely established and worldwide renowned manufacturing sector. Both courses belong to the new professionally oriented degree classes that aim to train graduate technicians already available for the world of work after only three years. 

It is also essential to maintain a balance between industrial development, environmental sustainability, and quality of life. With a view to building a peaceful society, the inter-university master's degree course in Peace Sciences, in collaboration with the University of Pisa, aims to make a theoretical and concrete contribution to the construction of peace, deepening the meanings of terms such as ethics, freedom, rights, development and equality. 

Last updated on: 20/07/2021