Objectives of the CLA

The Centre has the final objectives:

- to offer to the university in general and to its departments and single degree courses in particular, support in relation to the organisation and management of foreign languages and Italian language for foreigners courses for the students, teaching staff , researchers and PTA of the University of Brescia;

- to provide guidance and coordination of teaching activities addressing foreign language learning at various levels for all Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees;

- to enhance the self-learning of foreign langauges, especially at beginner levels;

- to coordinate courses in specialised languages for PhD students and teaching staff, including specific seminars and methodology courses for teaching staff interested in delivering their courses in English;

- to become an exam centre for Italian or foreign institutions that issue language certificates;

- to promote the stipulation of conventions and agreements with other Italian and foreign scolastic and academic institutions;

- to favour the internationalisation of the University of Brescia by coordinating support in terms of language teaching for students participating in the Erasmus or other international exchange programmes and organising courses and activities that are necessary to attain required certifications;

- to join the Italian Association of University Language Centres (Associazione Italiana dei Centri Linguistici Universitari or AICLU) and the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (Centres de Langues de l'Enseignement Supérieur or CERCLES)

- to carry out activities and courses aimed at external users

Last updated on: 31/05/2024