Organs and support structures - CLA

Director and Executive Board of the Language Teaching Centre


prof.ssa Annalisa Zanola 


prof.ssa Barbara Buffoli


The Executive Board is composed of 8 members, one for each university department:

prof.ssa Barbara Buffoli - DSCS

prof.ssa Patrizia Dell'Era - DMMT

prof. Riccardo Leonardi - DII

prof. Francesco Antonio Rasulo - DSMC

prof. Alessandro Morando - DICATAM

prof.ssa Elena Verdolini - GIURI

prof Stefano Rebay - DIMI

prof.ssa Annalisa Zanola - DEM

Complex Operative Unit of the Language Teaching Centre

The support centre of the CLA is located at the ground floor of the Madonna del Lino facility in piazza Mercato 17/A.

For further informations write to [email protected]


dott.ssa Daniela Cagiada [email protected]

dott. Donato Verdesca [email protected]

Collaborators and Linguistic Expert

dott. Robert Coates [email protected]

dott. Andrew Harwood [email protected]

dott.ssa Anne Marie Theodora Rossini [email protected]

dott.ssa Annelori Santini [email protected]



Last updated on: 17/10/2023