Disciplinary Proceedings Office (UPD)

The Disciplinary Proceedings Office (UPD) is the relevant body for each Administration for infringements punishable with more than a verbal reprimand in the sphere of disciplinary proceedings for technical-administrative staff. 


Pursuant to Director General’s Provision 449 of 22/10/2020, the current composition of the UPD is the following: 

Regular members:

  • The Director General (Co-ordinator)
  • The Executive of the Acquisitions and Building Sector (member and vice co-ordinator)
  • Head of the Human Resources Service (member).

Alternate members:

  • The head of the U.O.C. Appalti e Contratti (Calls and Contracts Office, member)
  • The head of DSMC Administration (member)
  • The head of the General and Legal Affairs Service - now Servizio Affari Istituzionali e Legali (Institutional and Legal Affairs Service, member).

Reference legislation

Legislative Decree 165/2001, Art. 55-bis

National Collective Bargaining Agreement (CCNL) dated 19 April 2018 of the Education and Research Sector and the CCNLs in force of the University Sector.

Last updated on: 13/03/2024