Vice-Rector and Delegates

The Vice-Rector

The Vice-Rector is Francesco CASTELLI, Full Professor of Infectious Diseases from the Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences.

The Vice-Rector substitutes the Rector in all functions in the event of his/her absence or inability to carry them out, and performs the functions delegated to him/her in a Rector’s decree.

Prof. Castelli is also the Delegate for relations with the Local Health Authority-Spedali Civili (ASST-Spedali Civili).

    The Deputy Rectors

    The Deputy Rector for Relations with Enterprises and Promotion of Innovation is Rodolfo FAGLIA, Full Professor of Mechanics Applied to Machinery from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

    The Deputy Rector for Research and Interdepartmental Laboratories is Marina PIZZI, Full Professor of Pharmacology from the Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine.


    Last updated on: 15/06/2022