Vice-Rector and Delegates


Prof. Adriana APOSTOLI, Full Professor of Constitutional Law (IUS/08) at the Department of Law, is the Vice Rector for the next six years (2022-2028) from 1 November 2022.

In the event of the Rector’s absence, the Vice Rector substitutes the Rector and takes over the responsibilities outlined in the rectoral decree.

    Deputy Rectors

    • The Deputy Rector for Educational Activities is Elisabetta ALLEVI
      Full Professor of Mathematical Methods of Economy, Finance and Actuarial Sciences (SECS-S/06) - Department of Economics and Management (DEM).
    • The Deputy Rector for Research is Alessandro PADOVANI
      Full Professor of Neurology (MED/26) - Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences (DSCS).
    • The Deputy Rector for International Affairs is Roberto RANZI
      Full Professor of Hydraulic and Marine Constructions and Hydrology (ICAR/02) - Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Territory, Environment and Mathematics (DICATAM).
    • The Deputy Rector for Territorial Social Responsibility is Carlo Alberto ROMANO
      Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine (MED/43) - Department of Law (DIGI).


    The Rector’s Delegates are:

    • Riccardo ADAMINI, ICT.
    • Cristina ALESSI, Personnel Relations.
    • Alberto ARENGHI, Disability and learning disorder.
    • Daniela BOSISIO, Orientation.
    • Renato CAMODECA, Financial Statements.
    • Maurizio CARPITA, Quality System.
    • Elisabetta COMINI, Innovation and Technology Transfer.
    • Arianna CONIGLIO, Relations with External Sites.
    • Costantino DE ANGELIS, PhD Programmes and Research Training.
    • Marco FONTANELLA, Medical Postgraduate Schools.
    • Silvia GILIANI, International Research.
    • Mario GORLANI, Legal Affairs.
    • Massimiliano GRANIERI, Third Parties and Patents.
    • Renata MANSINI, Research Enhancement and Data Analytics.
    • Carmen MARCHIORI, International Orientation and Double Degrees.
    • Claudio ORIZIO, Sports Activities.
    • Corrado PAGANELLI, Relations with European Institutions and Erasmus.
    • Ivana PASSAMANI, University Construction Projects - Campus Sostenibile.
    • Sabrina SORLINI, Cooperation and Development.
    • Giovanni TURELLI, University Library System.
    • Sergio VERGALLI, Placement.

    Managers required by Law

    • Laura BETTONI, Energy Manager.
    • Giulio MATERNINI, Mobility Manager.
    Last updated on: 20/12/2022