Required Documentation - disability certifications

documentazione necessaria

Required documentation:

To receive the services provided by UOC Inclusion, Participation, and University Campus you have to upload on the ESSE3 website the proper documentation. The certificates have to be pursuant to L. 118/71 and/or L. 104/92

For Erasmus students, the documentation should be provided by the sending institution.

If the certification is functional to obtain the exemption of University fees, it will be sufficient to upload a disability certification pursuant to art. 2 of L. 118/71 issued by INPS with omitted, provided that the percentage of disability is specified and/or the disability report is indicated pursuant to art. 3 paragraph 1 of L. 104/92 issued by INPS with Omissis, provided that the reference to paragraph 1 is clearly indicated. You will be able to select the category Omissis on Esse3.

To be granted support during exams or placement tests you will have to upload the complete certification. In order to take advantage of support, you will be asked to fill in a privacy policy and the Self-declaration of the Notoriety Act.


To upload the certificate and the other  required documentation to Esse3, click on Menu> Segreteria> Dichiarazione di invalidità, following the instructions below:

If you are a student with a Civil Invalidity Report pursuant to L. 118/71 and/or a report of recognition of disability pursuant to L. 104/92 in need of an update, the old certificate shall remain valid, pending a new INPS visit, as established by



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