Recognising academic qualifications

Details about the documents that must be attached to the application are contained in the forms "Application for abbreviation/recognition", which are available on the relevant page.


If you have already concluded a previous academic career and obtained the qualification, you are exempted from the obligatory orientation test required for open-access first-level degree courses, and for the Single Cycle degree in Law.

To qualify for enrolment, please contact the Career Management office of the department concerned. Contact details are available on the "Online Help Desk" page. You will also be given help for filling out the forms required. Applications will not be accepted if the documentation is not complete. You will be provided information and guidelines during the appointment fixed for submitting the documentation.


For any First Cycle Degree or Second Cycle degree courses in the Medical department, if you already hold a degree, after passing the admission test and enrolling in the new course, you can submit a request to abbreviate your studies at the Student Admin desk by filling out the form called "Application for abbreviation/recognition of academic career in Medical studies" available in the forms handed out by Student Admin.
The schedules of any exams already completed, and any further documents, can be submitted to the education office of the course in question (for more details, please consult the page of your Degree Course > Enrolling).

For the Single Cycle Degree in Construction Engineering- Architecture, and for the Degree Course in Construction Techniques, students already in possession of a degree are invited to read the “regulations for admission to years after the first year”. These are available in the page for Calls for transfers to other study courses.

For information and any clarifications, please contact the appropriate Career Management Offices. Contact details are provided on the "Online Help Desk” page.


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