Application for study visa via Universitaly portal

Candidates living in non-EU countries who are interested in enrolling in

  • Corsi di laurea (Bachelor’s degrees – 1° cycle QF-EHEA/6° level EQF)
  • Corsi di laurea magistrale a ciclo unico (Integrated master’s degrees - 2° cycle QF-EHEA/7° level EQF)
  • Corsi di laurea magistrale (Master’s degrees - 2° cycle QF-EHEA/7° level EQF)
  • Single courses
  • Foundation year

must submit their visa application only through the Universitaly portal.

    Steps to be carried out

    We shortly remind you the steps to be carried out:

    1. Firstly candidates must register and get their own credentials.
    2. Secondly they have to login and fill in the online form (STEP A) with their personal data.
    3. The third step (STEP B) requires candidates to upload a personal passport photo and a soft copy of their passport before indicating the State and the Italian representation where they will perform the visa process, and the reason for their application.
    4. Then they must select the Italian university where they are going to enroll together with type and name of the study programme concerned. The language box enables you to filter the courses and curricula taught in the chosen language.
      The correct answers are as follows:
      INSTITUTION Università
      INSTITUTION NAME Unicersità degli studi di Brescia
      COURSE TYPE Bachelor's degree / Integrated master's degree / Masters' degree
      COURSE NAME and COURSE CURRICULUM Select the name of the study programme and curriculum (if provided)
      ID ACCOUNT Leave it blank or write your surname and name

    5. In the last step (STEP C) candidates have to upload soft copies of the qualifications useful for admission: at this step neither translation nor legalization or Declaration of value are required.
    We strongly recommend you to pay attention when selecting State, Italian representation and University in order to avoid any problem during the visa issuance process.

    University confirmation

    After finalization, your application will be registered in Universitaly portal and our administrative office will check it: if all information are correct, we will confirm your admission to the selected study programme. Italian Representation in charge for study visa issuance will receive our approval.


    Study visa issuance

    Upon our approval, the Italian official Representation you have indicated is going to check and evaluate your request according to the relevant specific provisions for visa issuance.

    Actually, issuance of study visa depends on criteria approved yearly by Italian Government: universities are not concerned with this step of the process, hence only Italian official Representations are in charge of assessing and approving your application for study visa.

    During the visa issuance process, candidates are allowed to sit both Italian language proficiency examination (if required) and the admission test (if required) under condition of obtaining the visa.

    The Italian language exam will be offered online.

    The selective admission tests for the listed study programmes must be taken in presence:

    • Integrated master's degree in Medicine and surgery
    • Integrated master's degree in Dentistry
    • Bachelor's degrees in Health professions

    Candidates are also allowed to attend classes from September 2022 onwards, which will be held at a distance or in presence in accordance with future Italian Government and Universities boards' decisions with the aim of safeguarding individual and public health.

    Registered applicants can access Universitaly portal using their credentials and check their request status.


    Both University eligibility confirmation and issuance of study visa by Italian Representations do not ensure candidates' enrollment, unless the following conditions will be met:

    • holding a valid and suitable qualification and having the related documents translated, legalized and with Declaration of value issued by the relevant ltalian Representation (alternatively candidates can hand in the Statement of verification and the Statement of comparability issued by CIMEA)
    • if an Italian taught course has been chosen, candidate must sit and pass the Italian language examination at UniBs or submit an Italian language proficiency certificate at B2 CEFR level
    • in case candidate selected a bachelor's degree or a integrated master's degree, he must take the compulsory indicative admission test or the compulsory selective admission test and  be included among the winners of available places
    • if a free access master's degree has been chosen, candidate must had successfully undertaken his academic qualifications pre-assessment by the appointed Teaching Commission;  if the chosen master's degree provided a selective admission test, candidate must take the test and be included among the winners of available places
    • not exceeding the reserved quota for non-EU citizens residing abroad defined for the study programme
    Last updated on: 31/03/2022