Italian language test

Pursuant to Italian Ministry of University and Research provisions, candidates coming from non-EU countries and wishing to enroll in any study programmes taught in Italian should prove knowledge of the Italian language at least at B2 CEFR level. If the degree programme is entirely taught in English, they are exempted from the requirement.

Candidates have two opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency in Italian language:

  1. present a B2 CEFR level certificate or higher issued (alternatively)

    - under the CLIQ (Italian Language Quality Certification) quality system, that includes University for foreigners of Perugia, University for foreigners of Siena, University Roma Tre and Società "Dante Alighieri"

    - by the University for foreigners "Dante Alighieri" of Reggio Calabria

  2. take the online Italian Language Test organized by the university and get a score of 55/72 or higher.

In the event that you are unable to prove Italian language proficiency at B2 CEFR level, you won't be admitted to the selected study programme and your applictaion for visa in Universitaly portral won't be approved by our office.


Suitable Italian language certifications

Study programmes with selective admission Test

Candidates who aim at enrolling in study programmes (corsi di laurea / laurea magistrale / laurea magistrale a ciclo unico) that require passing a selective admission Test, must prove their Italian language proficiency at B2 CEFR level according to the provisions indicated in the call for admission.

Italian language examination 2024/2025 a.y.

Our university joined for the 2024/2025 a.y. the Italian language examination offered online by CISIA: TEST-ITALIANO-L2  held as @CASA. Applicants may take part in the online examination only by using their portable personal computer, and via Internet from home or from any other place they choose.

Those who score 55/72 or higher will pass the Test.

Candidates with lower scores may reapply only once by registering for one of the subsequent editions.

On CISIA portal the following topics are available:

  • General provisions
  • Practice placement area
  • Indications to prepare, start and carry out the examination
  • Technical provisions concerning network requirements, electronic devices and room set up

Test editions

The Test is offered starting from April 2024 in the following editions, open to a maximum of 40 participants each:

  • April 11 - afternoon
  • May 16 - afternoon
  • June 12 - afternoon
  • July 24 - afternoon (application opening: 8 July 2024. Priority will be given to candidates who have applied for a study visa for our University at Universitaly by enclosing complete documentation)
  • September 5 - afternoon
  • November 7 - afternoon

Registration for the Test

To register for the Test on the chosen date, candidates must

  1. fill out the Google form from the link below
  2. attach a scanned copy of a valid ID to the Google form
  3. register in the University portal from the link below (SPID is not required) to activate their personal page
  4. upon receipt of an email notice, access the personal page, open the section Menu>Secretariat>Payments and pay the participation fee of 25 euros through the PagoPa procedure by the deadline indicated in the email message.

Once the maximum number of 40 registrants is reached, the Google form will no longer be accessible.

In any of the editions only those candidates are allowed to sit the Test, who have

  • filled out the Google form with attachments
  • paid the required contribution by the deadline indicated in the email notice.

The contribution paid is non-refundable, whatever the reason.

Candidates that get an overrall score lower than 55/72 or that do not complete the Test because of technical issues are allowed to sit the Test again only once. We do not accept further registrations by candidates whose Test was nullified because they didn't comply with the attendance rules.

For information contact [email protected]

Candidates with disabilities and SLD

Candidates with disabilities and SLD can indicate their special needs in the form Google used to register for the TEST-ITALIANO-L2. In order to receive further information, they can contact via email the office appointed for inclusion: [email protected]

Last updated on: 08/07/2024