Non-EU candidates living abroad

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Application for study visa

Non-EU candidates living abroad must apply for study visa via the online procedure available in Universitaly portal.

Italian Ministry of University and research provisions

Italian Ministry of University and Research issues yearly provisions concerning admission of non-EU candidates living abroad to Higher education: non-EU candidates must comply with the relevant indications.


Italian language test

Pursuant to Italian Ministry of University and Research provisions, candidates coming from non-EU countries and wishing to enroll in bachelor's/master's/integrated master's degrees taught in Italian should prove knowledge of the Italian language.

A certificate of level B2 or higher issued as part of the CLIQ quality system is required.
In the event that this certificate has not been obtained, the candidate must successfully undertake an italian language test, which is held every year at our University : who fail the test will not be allowed to enroll.

If the degree programme choosen by non-EU candidates are entirely taught in English, they are exempted from taking the Italian language test.


Last updated on: 31/03/2022