Pre-evaluation for master's degrees

Stretta di mano


International candidates who are interested in admission to the Corsi di laurea magistrale (master's degrees) offered at Università degli studi di Brescia should ask in advance for their foreign degree and curriculum pre-evaluation. They may use the specific PICA online procedure in order to apply and send the required documents. 

Different rounds are planned yearly:

  • in the round reserved to international scholarships LMINT and STAR PVS, non-EU citizens living abroad may send their request for pre-evaluation and for grants assignement
  • further rounds, open to EU candidates with foreign degree, refer to master's degrees offered in Law, Economics and Engineering areas: candidates may send their request for pre-evaluation only, hence no scholarships will be offered

Non-EU students living abroad who have been successfully pre-assessed must submit the formal application for visa through the online procedure available on Universitaly portal

2024/2025 academic year - First round reserved to non-EU candidates living abroad

From 12 December 2023 till 15 February 2024 at Noon (Italian time) is open the first round for pre-assessment referring to Corsi di laurea magistrale / master's degrees and addressing non-EU candidates living abroad.

Candidates can

- ask only for pre-assessment of their foreign degree for admission to corsi di laurea magistrale / master's degrees taught in Italian or English language

- apply both for pre-assessment and international grants referring to corsi di laurea magistrale / master's degrees taught in Italian (STAR grants) or English language (STAR or LMINT grants)

- apply for international grants referring to corsi di laurea / undergraduate degrees (STAR grants).

Applications must be sent via PICA online procedure using the link available in the Notice. Candidates are allowed to send only one application, where only one study program and grant has been selected.

Applicants will be informed about outcomes via email by the middle of April 2024.

We highlight that the online procedure allows only those candidates that meet all provisions indicated in the calls to apply for international grants: please, read the calls carefully.

A summary about requirements for English taught master's degrees for holders of foreign qualification is available below. Complete requirements concerning master's degrees (offered in Italian and English language) have been published in the pages that present our study programmes.

Call for STAR and LMINT scholarships

Last updated on: 14/12/2023